Carrying Those Bikes

Step one – find an activity that you can enjoy, that starts slow, and if possible involves other people.

One solution is to get yourself a bike. Biking is something that almost anyone can enjoy. It can be pursued at any pace a person desires, and almost everyone has fond memories of riding a bike when they were young. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia when it comes to how you feel about things when you get older.

The thing about remembering with nostalgia things from our youth is that the reality often bike trip with moutainsdoes not match the memory. Of course that is true of bicycling as it is of anything. You will never capture the simple joy of learning new things, of running around without the cares of the world on your shoulders. But as much as is possible you can hang on to the feeling of just being out and enjoying a bit of physical exertion, even if it costs so much more than it did when you had young legs.

On top of all of this, biking is the type of exercise that easily lends itself to solitary jaunts through the countryside, or leisurely rides around town with friends. It can also turn into a competitive endeavor  if you should choose to go that far.

Another thing about a bicycle is that it is easy to transport if your chosen route for the day is one that starts a ways from home. This can be true if either you are looking for a bit of variety in your workouts, or if you have no real good opportunities for rides close to you.

It is so easy to throw your ride onto a hitch mount bike carrier, strap it in and be on your way. It takes little more time than just grabbing the bike and going.

If you have family or friends that you regularly like to ride with there are bike racks that carry up to 4 bikes with no trouble at all. That is especially nice if you have a family with young children who you don’t yet trust to be riding on the roads. It is such a simple matter to get the family together on a weekend morning and pack them all off to the nearest bike trail for a day of shared physical activity.

Actively sharing your hobbies with children when they are young is one of the best ways to ensure that they grow up with some shared interests, and if you can at the same time help them to learn to incorporate some exercise into their daily lives, that is a definite bonus.

So think about choosing to ride a bike as at least one of your physical activities. It ticks all the boxes. It is inexpensive to get started with since it requires no specialized equipment. It is the type of thing that can be easily incorporated into your life. It can be as relaxing or strenuous as you choose, and it is the type of activity that can be social – share it with friends and family to maximize your enjoyment.

And don’t forget how much fun it was when you were young.

About the Author: Timothy Lee